Ad Hoc Committees

From time to time, different ’ad hoc’ committees are formed to deal with various issues which affect the membership. Committees may be formed to proof-read important documents, prepare materials for displays, organize special events or volunteer in the local labour community. In all cases, the committees report their activities and findings through to Executive Committee and Faculty Association Council.

Workplace Bullying Sub-Committee (of Faculty Council)

The Workplace Bullying Sub-Committee was struck by Faculty Council. It's mandate is to raise WUFA members' awareness regarding workplace bullying and harassment issues. The Committee sent out a survey to the WUFA membership between March and April 2016.  The survey responses collected are being analyzed for a report to the membership in 2017. The Committee also plans to define harassing and bullying behaviours, develop an awareness campaign, and explore resources to help meet WUFA's needs.

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Peter Zimmerman, WUFA President
ex officio
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