Hiring of 50 Tenure-Track Faculty

WUFA and the Administration have agreed to reinvigorate our joint commitment to employment equity by settling the long-standing policy grievance. The key features of this settlement, which will guide all faculty/ librarian/ AAS hiring decisions, are:

  • Hiring goals and timetables will be set for individuals from designated groups (aboriginal peoples, racial minorities, persons with disabilities, sexual minorities, and women) found to be seriously under-represented on faculty.
  • Appointments Committees will favour an under-represented group member whose scores on the hiring grid are approximately equal to (a difference of 8% or less) those of a non-designated group member.
  • All Appointments Committees will be assisted by an Employment Equity/Procedures Assessor (EE/PA) from a different AAU, and AAUs that require an EE/PA will be asked to name an individual who will be trained and serve in another AAU.
  • The allocation of at least 5 President's Career Awards to support current or former students from under-represented groups through their PhD studies.
  • Mandatory training sessions will be provided for EE/PAs and Appointments Committees.
  • Progress towards employment equity will be monitored annually.