Where students study the most in 2016

Article and Photo taken from Maclean's
by Zane Schwarts

Maclean's surveyed more than 10,000 students at 100 universities across Canada on the question: "In hours, about how much time do you spend in an average week on the following activities? Please be honest; this is confidential." The listed activities were: "In class, studying, commuting to/from campus, extracurricular activites (campus club, sports team, student government etc., working at a paid job and partying." For the schools where students spend the most time studying: an average was calculated for each school based on the number of hours students say they study, divided by the number of respondents from each school. In the top 20, the average number of hours students reported they study ranged from 19.966 per week at Queen's to 16.553 at Guelph. Click through the gallery above to see the top 20 schools where students say they study the most. To see the full results click here. For the schools where students spend the most time partying click here.