ARTICLE C - The University Anomalies Fund

C.1    In order to alleviate anomalies of full-time faculty, AAS, Sessional Lecturer, and librarian members in the University, the Board of Governors shall establish a University Anomalies Fund of two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000).

C.2    An Anomalies Committee to administer the anomalies funds shall be formed by November 1, 2021.  The Committee shall include representation of at minimum two (2) genders and shall consist of two (2) individuals appointed by the President, two (2) members appointed by the President of the Faculty Association, and a fifth (5th) individual mutually agreed upon by the Committee.  The mutually agreed upon fifth (5th) person shall chair all meetings and shall vote only in the event of a tie.

C.3     The Anomalies Committee shall develop procedures and criteria for granting anomaly allocations based on a report commissioned by the parties and consistent with current legislation on the distribution of such payments. The report commissioned by the parties, which shall be completed by October 31, 2022, shall take into account any salary adjustments made prior to the allocation of this Anomalies Fund and shall determine whether one or more of the following exist: 

a)    anomalies resulting from inclusion in a designated group,

b)    anomalies resulting from year of hire, 

c)    anomalies resulting from salary inversions, 

d)    anomalies within disciplines,

e)    any other anomalies that may be identified. 

      Where it is determined that one or more anomalies exist, the Committee shall make allocations from the fund established in clause C.1.

C.4    The Anomalies Committee, by June 30, 2023 shall administer the anomalies funds towards the alleviation of anomalies in salaries based on the results of the Committee’s deliberations.  Where granted, anomaly awards shall be folded into Normal Salary as of June 30, 2023.  These awards are not retroactive.

C.5    The Anomalies Committee shall evaluate the salary of every member and those who are deemed anomalous shall be automatically considered for an award.

C.6    Within fourteen (14) days following the awarding of anomalies, the Provost shall inform the Faculty Association of the distribution of anomalies funds.  This information shall include the number and size of anomalies units as distributed by rank to members within each AAU and Library.

C.7    After the monies have been disbursed, the Anomalies Committee shall undertake a review of salaries to determine whether any anomalies remain.

C.8    The Faculty Association shall be provided with a statement of the disbursements indicating the amounts granted and the names of recipients thereof.