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Should I Join WUFA?

What is the difference between Association membership and Union membership?

The Faculty Association is the certified bargaining agent for all faculty and librarians at the University. Employees must pay union dues and are automatically part of the bargaining unit (union). However, one can choose to become a signed Faculty Association member. The University will deduct WUFA dues from your pay cheque regardless of your decision. Some people prefer not to receive information or be a signed member of the Association for religious, ethical or philosophical reasons. For others, there is no concern and they elect to join the democratic running of WUFA by simply filling out a membership form and sending it to our office. There is no cost or sign-up fee involved. Here are several things you should keep in mind while making a decision about joining WUFA:

  • the Faculty Association keeps an updated email and mailing list of all its members and circulates timely information and items of interest about post-secondary employment issues provincially, nationally, or right here on campus;
  • the Faculty Association attracts action oriented, pro-active people who care about the welfare of others and seek to contribute their skills towards making the workplace and the academic community a better place for all;
  • the Faculty Association produces newsletters which are circulated to WUFA members only;
  • members of the Faculty Association participate in the development of the Collective Agreement by submitting and approving proposals. Non-members can only vote for the ratification of the Agreement and have no input;
  • On occasion, the Faculty Association hosts workshops for members to help them in their job or plan for the future (i.e. Conflict Resolution workshops, "Mid Day Information Sessions" , Pre-Retirement Seminars);
  • the Faculty Association assists new and existing faculty and librarians with questions about the Collective Agreement, the workplace, negotiating salaries, tenure/promotion/renewal, or other issues that may arise;
  • the Faculty Association directs the affairs of the Union. To vote for Council, Executive or other permanent committee members, you must be a member of the Association;
  • the Faculty Association holds a number of social functions each year which all signed members are invited to attend, free of charge;
  • the Faculty Association is affiliated with local, provincial and national bodies that lobby for safe, healthy and fair working conditions for post-secondary faculty and librarians;
  • participation on various WUFA committees counts as service to the University when you have your performance review.

If you have any questions about becoming a WUFA member, please contact the Faculty Association office at ext. 3366. 

Click here fill out a new membership form or to update your contact information.  Forms can be submitted to the WUFA office (366 Sunset Ave), or sent electronically to