Travel Information

Travel Allowance/Per Diem

Members who travel for University purposes can claim the following amounts in Canadian dollars, per day, as per Article I.8 (If you are travelling in the USA or elsewhere, WUFA strongly recommends that you discuss and agree upon the exchange value for the Canadian dollar in advance of your travels with your Head or Dean to accommodate the difference in monetary value when submitting travel costs. Some AAU's already have this understanding, others do not.)

Table I.8: Per Diem Amounts






























Car Allowance

Article K - Effective July 1, 2021 the University shall reimburse each member at the rate of fifty five cents (55¢) per kilometre for each kilometre driven in a private car in the course of her/his authorized University travel.  If you use your own vehicle, it is important to note the following under Article I:

The University shall have no responsibility for the private car used. It shall be the responsibility of the member when using his/her private car to verify with the University adequate insurance coverage to indemnify and save harmless the University of and from any liability by reason of the use or operation of his/her private car; when two (2) or more members are traveling together in a private car, only the owner may claim the car allowance.

If you plan to rent a vehicle for University travel purposes, there is no particular supplier or car rental company that provides a discount for University of Windsor employees.  However, it is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that you purchase the collisiondamage insurance coverage as part of your rental fee, especially when outside of Canada. If an accident happens, do not admit fault at the scene.  If the rental vehicle was rented with a VISA card, make sure you report the accident to VISA within 48 hours, and contact the UWindsor's legal department (x. 2080) upon return to Windsor.  Keep all copies and receipts of your rental documents.

Travel Insurance

For 24-hour emergency medical assistance while traveling in Canada or the USA, call 1-800-936-6226 toll-free.  In other countries, call collect 0-519-742-3556. 

Here is an important site where you can get up to date information on countries which have travel advisories posted. When this happens, if you choose to travel to those countries, and they are on the list, and if there is any injuries resulting from terrorist or civil unrest/ war etc., you will not be insured for coverage. If you require standard medical emergency care, you will be covered. If the country was not under a travel advisory before you left for there, but then becomes under a travel advisory, if there is any injury due to terrorism etc... you will be covered.

Travel Policy 

Click here to view the University of Windsor Travel Policy and Procedures