Collective Bargaining 2017 - update

WUFA's negotiating team has met three times with the administration's negotiating team, and has exchanged proposals with the employer this past Tuesday, 23 May 2017.  Both WUFA's and the administration's bargaining proposals are available for reading at Kerr House, 366 Sunset Avenue, during regular business hours.

In the spirit of a more opening bargaining process, WUFA notes that the following dates have been scheduled for further talks between the union and the employer:

Friday, 12 May
Tuesday, 23 May
Thursday, 25 May
Friday, 26 May
Tuesday, 30 May
Wednesday, 31 May
Tuesday, 6 June
Thursday, 8 June
Monday, 12 June
Wednesday, 14 June
Monday, 19 June
Wednesday, 28 June
Thursday, 29 June

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