GR# 0976 - UWinSite/PeopleSoft

Collective Agreement referenced: 2017 - 2021

Article(s): 8, I

Nature of Dispute: The University's implementation of PeopleSoft/UWinSite software offloads clerical tasks onto WUFA members that should be performed by secretarial staff. Further, the PeopleSoft/UWinSite system has been implemented in such a way as to effect change in travel policies in violation of the Collective Agreement and existing practice.

Result of Grievance: The grievance was withdrawn by WUFA without prejudice at Step 3 of the grievance process. At Step 3  the University acknowledged that members have the option to delegate expense claims (for travel, research grant management, and other expenses) to secretarial support staff, as per Article 8:01. The University also confirmed that there have been no changes made to the University of Windsor's finanical policies (e.g. Travel Expense Policies).

Grievance initiated: April 19, 2018
Grievance resolved: June 13, 2018

Reference Docs:
(1) Policy GR# 0976