LETTER XIII - Protocol for Removing Members from Classroom Teaching

The process for removing members from classroom teaching shall only be invoked in cases where there has been a significant breakdown in the student-professor relationship, or where there is concern for the safety and well being of students and/or the member, and where time and circumstances permit.

All Deans at the University shall be notified that they shall be required to adhere to the following process for removing any member from the classroom;

  1. The Dean of the relevant Faculty shall consult with the Associate Vice-President, Academic prior to taking any steps to remove a member from the classroom.
  2. The Associate Vice-President Academic will advise the Association that the University is considering removing the member from the classroom and will allow the Association to provide input into the issue and representation for the member.
  3. One day’s worth of classes will be cancelled by the employer if necessary to allow the Association and University the opportunity to meet to discuss the concerns.
  4. There is nothing precluding the University from returning the member to the classroom once the concerns have been addressed.