The University of Windsor Pension Plan vs. The University Pension Plan

On July 20, 2022 there was a WUFA Summer Speakers' Series session held over MS Teams to provide members with information on the University Pension Plan (UPP) that has recently commenced operations in the province.  Similar to the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan, this is a new plan that would see Universities across the province pool their pensions together under a common administrator.  More information can be found about it at  

PLEASE NOTE:  No decision has been made about whether to move our pension to the UPP.  The decision to do so must ultimately be made by the membership.  This session was provided to members for informational purposes only in order to gauge any interest in exploring this option further.  Further opportunities for feedback will be provided to you if there are any initiatives taken to proceed with a move to the UPP. 

The Session was recorded and can be viewed here:

CLICK HERE to view the PowerPoint Presentation provided by the UPP reps.