ARTICLE 38 - Information

38:01          For the purposes of this Article 38, the University shall provide the following information for each member in an electronic format to the Association as recorded by the University:

(a)       surname, second initial, first name, sex, birth date, immigration status, University start date, appointment type, primary AAU, secondary AAU, rank, leave of absence, Normal Salary, overload amount, administrative stipend amount, administrative title, annual dues, home address, year of first degree, year of highest degree, highest degree, pension plan start date, normal retirement date, actual retirement date and resignation date. Said information shall be provided on or about July 15, November 1, and January 30, in two (2) compilations as follows:

(i)      all listed data with the exception of salary data will be supplied to the Faculty Association; and

(ii)     all of the listed data which will be supplied to the individual designated by the Faculty Association to receive and hold in confidence confidential salary information concerning members;

(b)       a list of names of members leaving and re-entering the bargaining unit within thirty (30) days of their leaving or re-entry;

(c)       a current copy of the University Retirement Plan, Actuarial Report on the University Retirement Plan, Long Term Disability Insurance Plan and any other fringe benefit Plans;

(d)       a copy of the annual audited financial statements of the University as approved by the Board of Governors;

(e)       a list of names of all sessional member appointments, a list of names of non-member sessionals shown by Department or equivalent identifer, a list of courses to be taught by each such appointment. These lists shall be provided to the Faculty Association June 1, August 1, October 1 and February 1;

(f)        if not provided in the annual audited financial statement of the University, a summary of the total salary expenditures incurred by the University for all members of the Faculty Association bargaining unit;

(g)       for the purposes of this Article 38, the President of the Faculty Association shall designate in writing to the Provost a person who is authorized to receive salary information of the membership, subject to clause 27:06.

38:02          The Association shall provide to the University a current copy of the Constitution of the Association and a current list of the executive officers of the Association.

38:03          The University shall provide the Faculty Association with a list of successful applicants for sabbatical and with the number of sabbatical denials by December 15 of the academic year preceding the year for which the leave has been requested.

38:04          The University shall provide the Faculty Association with a list of the names of all Heads and Program Chairs in the Faculties, setting out all course load reductions provided to Heads and Program Chairs.  Said lists shall be provided on an annual basis, on or about September 1.

38:05          The University undertakes to provide to each new member, as soon as practicable after the inception of her/his employment with the University, a comprehensive pamphlet or pamphlets setting out in detail the particulars of all of the University's fringe benefit Plans.

38:06          The University undertakes to cooperate with University and governmental bodies by providing, within a reasonable time, information as may be appropriately required from time to time.

38:07          The Board of Governors recognizes the right of the Faculty Association to tax its members for dues in accordance with their Constitution and Bylaws and agrees to provide to the Association the information necessary for the purpose of such assessment on the basis of a mill rate.

The Faculty Association agrees to provide to the Board of Governors the official minutes of the meeting of the Association at which its members approved of the mill rate principle for the assessment and collection of membership dues.  The Faculty Association shall provide to the Board of Governors as well a copy of its amended Constitution.

38:08          The University will, in a timely manner, inform the Faculty Association of on the job injuries incurred by faculty members and librarians.