ARTICLE 48 - Retired Faculty Members/Professional Librarians

48:01    The parties recognize that some retired faculty members and Professional Librarians are capable of continuing to make substantial scholarly contributions.  Accordingly the University may appoint any such retired faculty members and Professional Librarians for a limited term at an appropriate Professorial/Librarian rank.

48:02    Such appointee shall have the same rights of access to University facilities as a member holding professorial/librarian rank provided that, with regard to secretarial services and private office space, the appointee shall be entitled only to such services and office space as may be arranged between the appointee and the Dean, after consultation with the Head, taking into account the operational requirements of the AAU.

48:03    Such appointee may teach or practice librarianship and may apply for University and other research grants provided the appointee is properly qualified and approved for such teaching or librarianship and/or grants.

48:04    Any faculty member or Professional Librarian retired from the University shall have the same library privileges, access to and technical support for email, use of University Athletic Facilities, excluding the student sponsored fitness facility, as members.

48:05    Appointments under this Article, either part-time or full-time, shall not be used as replacement of or in lieu of regular faculty or Librarian appointments.