ARTICLE E - Absence Due to Illness, Injury or Disability

E.1    Short Term Absence Due to Illness or Injury

    Within three (3) working days, a member shall inform the Head, Dean, University Librarian, or Law Librarian as the case may be, of the member’s inability to carry out their normal responsibilities as a result of illness or injury.

E.2    Continued Absence Due to Illness or Injury

    (a)    During the period of one hundred and five (105) calendar days of absence as a result of continuous illness or injury, a member shall be paid the member’s Normal Salary provided the member cannot perform the member’s duties or be accommodated in the performance of those duties. 

    (b)    For any absence in excess of ten (10) consecutive working days as a result of illness or injury, a member, when requested by the Dean, University Librarian, or Law Librarian, shall submit the certificate of a licensed physician, licensed dentist, registered psychologist/psychiatrist or other registered/licensed health care provider, certifying that the member is unable to attend to the responsibilities of the member’s position. The information provided in the certificate will be limited to the following: 

    (i)    A description of the impact of the illness or injury on the member’s ability to perform the member’s duties,
    (ii)    relevant restrictions in the type of duties that may be performed,
    (iii)    the prognosis with respect to the member’s ability to return to work,
    (iv)    a statement that the health care provider’s conclusion is based on a recent examination.
        The University may request a written statement from the member that the member is complying with the treatment plan stipulated by the health care provider. 

    (c)    If there is a recurrence of the illness or injury during the first twenty-nine (29) days following a member’s return to work on a full-time basis, the member is entitled only to the unused portion of the 105 day continued absence period.  This restriction can be applied only once per 105 day continued absence period.

    (d)     The member shall be required to submit only one certificate per absence. If the duration of the absence is 
extended beyond the anticipated date of return as set out in the original certificate, the member shall submit to the Dean, University Librarian or Law Librarian additional certificates for each extension.  Any information provided in relation to illness or injury shall not be made available to a third party. 

    (e)     The benefits described above are available to members until they retire. 

    (f)     Eligibility for the benefits described above shall not be adversely affected by a member’s inability to comply with the provisions in this Article as a result of circumstances beyond the member’s control.

E.3    Long Term Disability

    (a)    Subject to the express provisions of the current policy of insurance, all members, including a member appointed for a limited term, shall pay the full cost of the amended Long Term Disability Insurance Plan, effective October 1st, 1987. The Faculty Association shall be notified of any change in insurance provider and invited to participate in The Annual Premium Renewal Notification Meeting. The parties agree that the contract of insurance entered into by the University with London Life Insurance Company or its successors on July 1, 1993 for the provision of Long Term Disability coverage to members of the Faculty Association and in force until terminated by the University or the Company satisfies in full the obligation of the University under Article E of this Agreement to provide such coverage.

    If continuous illness extends for a period in excess of one hundred and five (105) calendar days, the said member shall be covered from and after the 105th day of such illness by the said Plan under Long Term Disability (LTD)  to provide benefits equal to sixty-six and two-thirds percent (66 2/3%) of the member’s first twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500) Normal Salary plus fifty percent (50%) of the member’s next forty-five hundred dollars ($4,500) Normal Salary plus forty percent (40%) of the balance of the member’s Normal Salary immediately prior to the date of accident or sickness to a maximum monthly benefit of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) during such period as the member is continuously ill and unable to perform the member’s duties.

    (b)    The maximum length of the benefit period for Long Term Disability benefits shall be as prescribed in the contract of disability insurance described in paragraph E.3 (a) or such other contract of disability insurance in force at the time of termination and shall be at or near the age of 65.