ARTICLE G - Tuition

G.1    The following shall be entitled to free tuition for any credit course(s) taken in the University:

    (a)    Members and, with the member's written consent, their dependent child(ren) and spouse, as defined in Article 1,  are eligible for free tuition for credit courses approved by the Senate of the University of Windsor excluding those credit courses and programs offered under the Executive Education Program.  

    (b)    Members receiving benefits under the Long Term Disability Plan, their spouses and dependants, the spouses and dependants of members who die in service, and members who retire from the University of Windsor and their spouses and dependants shall also enjoy the benefit of free tuition.

    The free tuition provision set out in this Article shall apply to faculty members, librarian members, ancillary academic staff, and sessional lecturers.
G.2    A sessional instructor shall be entitled to a tuition fee credit of one (1) course fee in each teaching year in which the sessional instructor has been appointed to teach one (1) or more courses.  Such tuition fee credit must be used within one (1) year of the teaching year in which the credit is earned. The value of the tuition fee credit will be applied to the sessional instructor’s student information system fee account and will be equivalent to the value of the first year of study course tuition fee as is contained in the tuition fee schedule for PART-TIME FALL & WINTER UNDERGRADUATE TUITION & COMPULSORY FEES for “Canadian or Permanent Residents” and applied in the year and semester for which the credit is claimed.