AAS/AAS:LS Committee

Ancillary Academic Staff: Learning Specialists (AAS/AAS:LS) Committee

The Ancillary Academic Staff (AAS) Committee works to clarify the roles, duties and responsibilities of AAS members within the University Community.  From time to time, the Committee will survey AAS members regarding their special needs, concerns and problems in order to advance the well-being of AAS and AAS:LS members at the University of Windsor.

The Committee also monitors the activities of the University community with respect to contract compliance, policies, etc. that concern AAS members, and will make recommendations to the Contract Committee, Grievance Committee, and other Committees of the Association on behalf of AAS members.

AAS/AAS:LS Committee, 2024-2025

Mark Lubrick, Chair, Office of Open Learning
Pierre Boulos, WUFA President, Centre for Teaching & Learning
Shahpour Alirezaee, Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering
Ali Abdulhussein, Odette School of Business
Zareen Amtul, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Wayne Ambrose-Miller, School of Social Work
Natalie Atkin, Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Nicholas Baker, Centre for Teaching & Learning
Natalie Beltrano, Centre for Teaching & Learning
Michelle Bondy, School of the Environment
Natalie Bownes, Faculty of Nursing
Maria Frances Cachon, Women's & Gender Studies
Amanpreet Cameron, School of Social Work
Christopher Cheng, Athletics & Recreational Services
Laura Chittle, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Jean-Paul Circelli, Athletics & Recreational Services
Joseph Circelli, Athletics & Recreational Services
David Court, School of Dramatic Art
Darryl Danelon, Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering
Susan Dennison, Faculty of Nursing
Patrick Donovan, Athletics & Recreational Services
Adriana Duquette, Kinesiology
Anna Farias, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Nobuko Fujita, Office of Open Learning
Vincent Georgie, Odette School of Business
Renee Gilliam, School of Social Work
Alexandra Gayowsky, English & Creative Writing
James Gravelle, Athletics & Recreational Services
Alice Grgicak-Mannion, School of the Environment
Thomas Grondin, Mathematics & Statistics
Kevin Hamlin, Athletics & Recreational Services
Shawn Harrington, Psychology
Lucas Hodgson, Athletics & Recreational Services
Katka Hrncic-Lipovic, School of Social Work
Colin Inglis, Athletics & Recreational Services
Deanna Iwanicka, Athletics & Recreational Services
Pardeep Jasra, School of the Environment
Shashi K. Jasra, Biomedical Sciences
Tranum Kaur, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jaimie Kechego, Centre for Teaching & Learning
Anna Kozarova, Biomedical Sciences
Phebe Lam, School of Dramatic Art
Justin Lariviere, Mathematics & Statistics
Rong Luo, Leddy Library – Information Services

Amanda McEwen, Faculty of Nursing
Mary Kay Morand, School of Social Work
Russell Nahdee, Office of Open Learning
Sandra Neposlan, Odette School of Business
Tanya Noel, Integrative Biology
Ashlyne O’Neil, Office of Open Learning
Kirsten Poling, Integrative Biology
Michael Potter, Centre for Teaching & Learning
Jessica Raffoul, Centre for Teaching & Learning
Marissa Reaume, English & Creative Writing
Deborah Rickeard, Faculty of Nursing
Lisa Salfi, Faculty of Engineering
Milena Sanson, School of Social Work
Peter Savoni, Odette School of Business
Nicole Scott, School of Social Work
Lynne Allyson Skene, Centre for Teaching &Learning
Julie Smit, Integrative Biology
Jacqueline Stagner, Faculty of Engineering
Lorna Stolarchuk, Office of Open Learning
Chad Sutherland, Kinesiology
Chantal Vallee, Athletics & Recreational Services