Special Action Committee

The Special Action Committee is chaired by the Vice President Internal.  The Committee is responsible for planning strategies on WUFA’s behalf from the beginning of negotiations, co-ordinating activities, establishing internal and external communications systems and organizing other action/events of the Faculty Association. 

The Special Action Committee, through its Chair, shall consult regularly with the Executive Committee regarding job actions and strategies in support of the collective bargaining process.

Special Action Committee 2020/21

Jennifer Soutter, Library, Chair,


Anna Lanoszka, WUFA Presidentalanos@uwindsor.ca
Vicki Jay Leung, Law Libraryvicki.jayleung@uwindsor.ca
Muharem Kianieff, Lawkianieff@uwindsor.ca
Scott Mattson, Psychologysmattson@uwindsor.ca
Mohamed Mohamed Hassan, History

Ext. 2328