WUFA Ad Hoc Committees

From time to time, different ’ad hoc’ committees are formed to deal with various issues which affect the membership. Committees may be formed to proof-read important documents, prepare materials for displays, organize special events or volunteer in the local labour community. In all cases, the committees report their activities and findings through to Executive Committee and Faculty Association Council.

Ad-Hoc Racial Justice Committee

On November 4, 2020 WUFA's Executive Committee approved the creation of an Ad-Hoc Racial Justice Committee.  The Ad Hoc Racial Justice Committee will exist until a new orgaizational structure incorporating representation for members concerned about issues of racial justice, inclusion and equiality, is institued within WUFA.  Any or all members of the Ad hoc Committee will be WUFA members and shall be eligible for membership on any resulting permanent Committee adopted by the union.  This Committee shall report and make recommendations directly to the President of WUFA until the new structure is implemented.  READ THE FULL TERMS OF REFERENCE/MANDATE