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Introducing the 2017 WUFA Negotiating Team

Photo above, from left to right: Chris Fredette, Nancy McNevin, Brandi Lucier, Mohamed Mohamed, Pierre Boulos, Peter Zimmerman and Scott Martyn. Photo taken in the WUFA office (366 Sunset Ave).

February 27, 2017

The Faculty Association is pleased to announce the members of the 2017 WUFA Negotiating Team:

Pierre Boulos, Co-Chief Negotiator
Centre for Teaching and Learning/Research Ethics Board

In addition to his role as Co-Chief Negotiator 2017, Pierre is currently a member of the Contract Committee, co-chair of the Joint Committee Exploring Pension Governance, a grievance officer, and an equity assessor for both the UCAPT and the UCRPPLM. He also serves on OCUFA’s committee on SETs and is OCUFA’s representative on the eCampus Ontario Faculty Advisory Board.

During the last round of bargaining (2014) Pierre served on the Contract Committee and was a member of the Negotiating Team. He has experience in drafting, analyzing, and synthesizing contract language as well as the experience of being at the bargaining table.

Between 2008 and 2016, Pierre served in many other roles within the Faculty Association, including WUFA Faculty Councilor (2009-2016), and WUFA Executive member as Director-at-Large, VP-Internal, and VP-External.

Pierre served in various capacities in higher education: sessional instructor, limited-term, and currently Learning Specialist with tenure.  His training in math, logic and philosophy of science allows him to bring analytic skills to the Team.  As past-Chair of the Research and Ethics Board, he has seen first-hand the breadth of research carried out on campus. 

Peter Zimmerman, Co-Chief Negotiator

In addition to his role as Co-Chief Negotiator 2017, Peter currently serves on the WUFA Faculty Council and WUFA Executive as VP Grievance, a role he has continued since 2014.

Peter has considerable experience with contract proposal development and negotiations. He was elected to serve as a member of the Contract Committee for both the 2004 and 2008 rounds of bargaining, and in 2009 he was elected Contract Chair.  He chaired the Contract Committee that developed proposals for 2011 and was co-chair of the 2011 Negotiating Team.  He continued in the role of Contract Chair until June 2014, and in the 2014 round of bargaining he was a member of the Team and served as caucus chair.

Peter was first elected to WUFA Council in 2002 and in 2003 became VP Internal, a position which he held for three years. From 2006 to 2009 he sat as a Director-at-Large on the WUFA Executive.

Peter was Head of the Information Services Department in the Leddy Library for two terms, from July 2006 to June 2015, and he is currently working in the same department with responsibility for Archives, Rare Books, and Special Collections.

Chris Fredette
Odette School of Business

Chris is a faculty member in the Odette School of Business who has served on WUFA Executive as Director-at-Large (2014-2016), WUFA Faculty Council (2014-2016), Senate, and Undergraduate Program Review and Awards Committees.  He has also worked in University recruitment initiatives, and other voluntary governance roles.

During the last round of bargaining, Chris strongly opposed the provisions laid out in the collective agreement. Post bargaining, he argued in favour of a thorough autopsy of prior rounds of collective bargaining, and pushed for a renewed investment in the core values of the Association, including an aggressive posture toward Mercer and the Administration with regards to the faculty pension plan.

Chris is an Associate Professor of Management and Strategy.  Chris follows university labour relations throughout the province and across the country in order to stay abreast of strategies and outcomes that other faculty associations are pursuing. Additionally, he has taught courses in the areas of strategic management and corporate governance, both of which address the interface of stakeholder management, government regulation, and fiduciary responsibility. He is proficient in the area of quantitative business analysis and the interpretation of financial statements.

Brandi Lucier
Women’s & Gender Studies, FAHSS

Brandi is currently a member of the Contract Committee and the Sessional Committee of WUFA.

Brandi started teaching at the University of Windsor in the Labour Studies program as a sessional instructor in 2005. She has been a sessional lecturer (teaching primarily in the new Work and Employment Issues Certificate) in Women’s and Gender Studies since the Fall 2014 term. She has a M.A. in History (University of Windsor) and her Ph.D. studies (ABD McMaster University) focus on the intersection between the labour and human rights movements in Canada. Brandi has taught labour law and policy, worker health and safety, and labour history in both the university classroom and the union hall. Through her volunteer work at the Windsor Workers’ Action Centre and the Windsor Occupational Health Information Service she is a health and safety educator and worker advocate.

From 2002 to 2010 Brandi was an instructor in the CAW-McMaster Labour Studies program – an in-depth credit program designed to bring university-level courses and education to the CAW membership, while building on their skills, experience, and activism. She travelled across southwestern Ontario (from Oshawa to Windsor) teaching the program’s courses in union halls and community centres.

From 2007 to 2013 Brandi was a founding member and actively involved in the Windsor Workers’ Action Centre (WWAC) – an organization that advocates on behalf of non-unionized workers, helps non-unionized workers navigate the Ontario Employment Standards Act, and gives these workers the tools they need, either through workshops, individual job action, or the use of community space to improve their lives and working conditions. Her role at WWAC ranged from volunteering during operating hours, to arranging and attending meetings with local MPPs, MPs, and the Minister of Labour, to fundraising for the centre.

In 2013 Brandi was appointed to the Board at the Windsor Occupational Health Information Service (WOHIS). As a member of the WOHIS Board she is directly involved in the WOHIS-OHCOW Preparing Youth in Windsor/Essex County for the Workplace initiative; a for-youth-by-youth engagement program that prepares students for the workplace by educating them on their employment standard and health and safety rights.

Brandi was also a member of the Programs Committee at the Workers’ Art and Heritage Centre, in Hamilton, Ontario from 2003 to 2006.

Scott Martyn
Kinesiology, Human Kinetics

Scott currently serves on the Board of Governors Investment Committee and Pension Committee, the Academic Policy Committee, Senate, and on WUFA’s Retirement and Benefits Committee.

Scott is a Full Professor in the Department of Kinesiology in the Faculty of Human Kinetics.  He is also a Distinguished International Professor at Beijing Sport University, Beijing, China.  He recently completed six years as the Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Kinesiology and three years as the Vice Chair, Research Ethics Board at the University of Windsor.

His past involvement at the institutional level includes (but is not limited to) Senate Steering Committee, Senate Student Committee, Program Development Committee (PDC), Judicial Panel, Strategic Priority Fund Committee, By-Law Review Committee, an alternate University Committee on Academic Promotion and Tenure (UCAPT), and numerous Search and Review Committees.

Nancy McNevin
Kinesiology, Human Kinetics

Nancy has been a faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology for the past 10 years.  During that time she served as a faculty representative and member at large on the Senate (3 years), as a faculty representative on WUFA Faculty Council, and as a member of WUFA’s Grievance Committee (2 years).

Nancy has also served on search and contract renewal committees within her department.  Her experiences at the University and within WUFA have given her insight into the various interests at both the faculty and administrative levels.

Nancy has the necessary experience, communication skills and attitude needed for the Negotiating Team.  She looks forward to helping WUFA achieve a fair and equitable contract that reflects faculty members’ service to the university.


Mohamed Hassan Mohamed
History, FAHSS

Mohamed began teaching in the Department of History at the University of Windsor in 2007.

He received his BA and then MA in History from the University of Khartoum in 1988.  He completed his PhD on African History at the University of Alberta, Edmonton in 2004.

Mohamed taught courses in African, Middle Eastern and World History at the University of Alberta from 1998-2000, and then at the State University of New York (SUNY), Fredonia campus from 2001-2005.

Mohamed also has experience in service work at the university level.  He served as the Teaching/Research Assistants’ Representative at the Khartoum University Faculty Association, a Sessional Instructor at the University of Alberta Faculty Association, and as part of the United Professors at the SUNY Faculty Association.