WUFA condemns hate graffiti on campus  Banner Image

WUFA condemns hate graffiti on campus

In the aftermath of posters being defaced with anti-feminist and anti-Islamic graffiti in the Women’s & Gender Studies Department and near the Bystander Initiative Office last week, the WUFA Executive has issued a statement against hate speech:

All members of the University Community must feel safe in their places of work and study.  Faculty members must be free to announce important policies and initiatives on posters in the hallways and on their office doors without fear of intimidation.   In particular, historically oppressed groups must be protected from anonymous threats.  The Faculty Association is alarmed that this hate graffiti appeared well-planned, calmly executed, and targeted at particular members of the faculty.   We are writing to express our dismay at the event, but equally to urge the administration: (a) to diligently investigate the origin of the slanders; and (b) ensure that adequate security is in place to ensure that our members can work free from worry, at whatever hours they choose to work.  WUFA condemns these cowardly acts of violence against women, feminism, and our Islamic colleagues.   We urge the employer to take swift and thorough action to find the culprits and ensure campus safety.  WUFA Executive Committee