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Survey Results of the Administrative Evaluation Survey (June 2021)

This report provides the results of a survey about the performance of senior campus administrators at the University of Windsor.  The survey was sent to WUFA members on June 1, 2021.  The survey was the result of a motion passed at the WUFA Fall 2020 AGM meeting, held October 30, 2020.  The motion is, as follows. 

MOTION: To improve the quality of governance, transparency and performance of the University of Windsor and promote equity, WUFA will conduct annual surveys of its membership regarding the President, Provost and Deans and other members of senior administration to be determined by a committee of WUFA Faculty Council and report the results on WUFA's website. CARRIED 

Survey questions were developed based on job descriptions.  Hence, the questions are identical for certain positions, such as Deans.  The rating scale for responses used 1 as the highest score and 5 as the lowest score

Please click on the name/position of each administrator below to open a PDF file that provides the number of respondents (n) and the mean and the standard deviation for each question.