As college faculty across the Province prepare to return to classes, the more than 800 members of the Windsor University Faculty Association want to reiterate our support and solidarity. WUFA watched in dismay as the College Employers Council dithered and delayed rather than bargain. However, their tactic of trying to break the will of OPSEU by forcing a vote on a final offer failed spectacularly. OPSEU members rose to the challenge, voting down the final offer and staying strong, despite the financial and emotional strains of more than four weeks on strike. “The strike was unique in the recent history of the labour movement,” said Jeff Noonan, President of WUFA. “It was not primarily about wages but essential principles of secure, full time employment and academic freedom. As colleges continue to collaborate more closely with universities, it is imperative that university faculty stand together with our colleagues in the colleges in the struggle for an end to precarious work and the adoption of enforceable collective agreement language on academic freedom and collegial governance in the colleges. For any institution of higher education that wants to be taken seriously those principles should be foundational.” 

Dr. Jeff Noonan
Professor of Philosophy
President, Windsor University Faculty Association