ARTICLE J - Market Stipends

The University suspends the payment of Market Stipends for the first three years of the 2021-2025 collective agreement to be in compliance with Bill 124, Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, 2019.

J.1    Members holding appointments at the University whose credentials or experience are in high demand or members of disciplines for which there is a high demand within the Canadian university system may be compensated with a market stipend in addition to their Normal Salary.  Market stipends shall be subject to the deduction of dues provided by this Agreement. Market stipends shall cease to be paid when the market demand ceases. The total allocation of market stipends is not to exceed thirty (30) over the life of the agreement.  Persons receiving market stipends on the last day of this agreement shall, subject to the provisions of this Article, continue to receive their market stipends.

J.2    The Provost may offer a market stipend as a recruiting measure where the Provost is satisfied that:

(a)    there is a high market demand for persons with the desired credentials or experience;

(b)    the high market demand is a temporary phenomenon; and

(c)    in competition with other Canadian universities, the AAU seeking the appointment has not been successful or is unlikely to be successful in recruiting suitably qualified candidates by offering the usual starting salary for persons with such qualifications and experience.

J.3    The Provost may offer a market stipend to a current member where the Provost is satisfied that: 

(a)     there is a high market demand for persons with the credentials or experience of the member;

(b)     the high market demand is a temporary phenomenon; and

(c)     the member:

(i)        has a meritorious record of achievement;

(ii)        fulfils a key role in the AAU in which the member holds an appointment; and

(iii)     is a person who will likely be recruited by another university. 

J. 4    The terms of the market stipend shall include:

(a)     the amount, which shall not exceed the greater of ten percent (10%) of the member’s normal salary or ten thousand dollars ($10,000);

(b)     the period of time during which the market stipend will be paid;

(c)     if the amount will decline during the payment period, the terms by which the decline will occur;

(d)     whether the market stipend is renewable and, if renewable, the conditions of renewal.

The amount and terms of a market stipend shall be stated in the appointment letter to a candidate and/or the member’s annual letter.

J.5    A market stipend does not form part of a member's Normal Salary; however, it is included in a member's salary for the purpose of calculating contributions of the University and the member to:

(a)     the Pension Plan,

(b)     Group Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plans,

(c)     Remuneration paid during a Leave, 

(d)     Long Term Disability Insurance Plan.

J.6    Under clauses 38:01 (a) and 38:01 (g) the Association shall be informed of the names of the members receiving market stipends, the amounts and sources of the payments disbursed to the members, and the dates when the market stipends begin and cease.