ARTICLE L - Reimbursement for Moving and Storage Costs

L.1    The University shall reimburse each new member for the cost of reasonable travel and living expenses incurred by the said member and the member’s spouse in visiting the University for an interview.  Such visits shall, if possible, be organized such that one visit will suffice and shall normally be restricted to two or three days.

L.2    Each new member shall be reimbursed for actual relocation expenses as follows up to the maximum amount set forth in clause L.4, on presentation of vouchers, and on the understanding that one-third (1/3) of the total cost actually paid on behalf of each such member shall be returned to the University by said member for each year less than three (3) that the member remains with the University, should it be the member’s decision to take an appointment at another university within that period:

(a)    Where it is necessary for a new member to take up their duties before it is practical to move their family, the said member shall be reimbursed by the University for reasonable living expenses incurred;

(b)    When the new member's family moves to Windsor concurrently with the said member, the University shall reimburse the said member for transportation for the family unit.  Where practical, transportation shall be by automobile;

(c)    The University shall also reimburse each new member for living expenses for a reasonable period if the member is not able to take possession of their residence immediately;

(d)    The University shall pay for the packing, moving and unpacking of each new member's personal and household effects;

(e)    The University shall also pay insurance for each new member's effects while in the hands of the carrier, and for temporary storage where the member finds it necessary to vacate the member’s present residence before the member is able to take possession of the member’s residence in Windsor.  However, such temporary storage shall not exceed six (6) weeks.

L.3    Limited Term Appointee with a one (1) year appointment shall be entitled to receive one-third (1/3) of the appropriate maximum amount specified in the schedule set forth in clause L.4.  Limited Term Appointees with a two (2) year appointment shall be entitled to receive two-thirds (2/3) of the appropriate amount and Limited Term Appointees with a three (3) year appointment shall be entitled to receive the full amount.  Such allowances shall be subject to the same conditions applicable to faculty members. 

L.4    Maximum Amount Allowable for Relocation Expenses

(a)    North America within a radius of sixteen hundred (1600) kilometres from Windsor - four thousand dollars ($4,000);
(b)    North America exceeding a radius of sixteen hundred (1600) kilometres from Windsor - six thousand dollars ($6,000);
(c)    Outside North America - eight thousand five hundred dollars ($8,500); 
(d)    In cases where relocation expenses exceed the amounts in clause L.4 ((a), (b), (c)) the University will pay half of the excess amount up to two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500).