Volunteer Opportunities

Join a WUFA Committee

There are a number of WUFA Committees that members can participate in.  Most committees meet once a month.  Click here to learn more about the various committees of the Faculty Association to find one or more that might interest you.  Contact the WUFA office at ext. 3366 if you would like to join a committee or find out more information.

Be a Grievance Officer

Grievance Officers accompany members (grievors) to Step 1 grievance meetings, which are usually held with the grievor’s department head/director to find out more information about a complaint/possible grievance in question.  Grievance Officers provide feedback to the Grievance Committee after Step 1 meetings, usually in a written report explaining details of the Step 1 meeting.  After the Grievance Officer report is submitted to the Grievance Committee, the work of the Grievance Officer is complete unless the Grievance Committee has follow-up questions about the report submitted.

Every two years the Faculty Association hosts a Grievance Officer workshop, facilitated by CAUT, to train new and experienced Grievance Officers who would like a refresher course.  The workshop spans over two days (1 full day + 1 half day). 

If you are interested in becoming a Grievance Officer, please contact the Faculty Association at ext. 3362 to find out more information.

Be a WUFA Representative

Throughout the academic year, members are often asked to attend meetings with their department head/directors, deans, the University President, other Administrators, or they may be called to appear in front of their Academic Administrative Unit (AAU) Renewal, Promotion, and Tenure Committee or the University Committee on Academic Promotion and Tenure (UCAPT) to answer questions about their renewal, promotion or tenure application.  WUFA members are entitled to have Faculty Association representation at such meetings; the Association rep is referred to as the “WUFA rep”. 

The WUFA rep acts as a support person for the member who is called to the meeting and is usually a full-time faculty or librarian member who has experience with attending such meetings.  The WUFA rep assigned to a given case will come from a different department than the member who is called to the meeting; this helps ensure that there are no personal or professional conflicts.  Depending on the nature of the meeting, the WUFA rep will often provide WUFA with a written summary for the member’s file. The summary of the meeting is especially important in situations that might develop into a grievance down the road. 

There is no training for WUFA reps at this time; however, if you are a full-time faculty or librarian member who has worked at the university for a number of years and feels comfortable accompanying members to meetings with Administration while representing the interests of the Association, we invite you to be a WUFA rep.  Please contact the Faculty Association office at ext. 3366 to find out more information.

Be an Equity Assessor

Equity Assessors play an important role in the decision-making processes of appointments, promotion, renewal, tenure and permanence committees at the University of Windsor.  Their participation ensures fairness and equity in these academic processes, reinforces the equity culture and is central to successfully diversifying the academic community.  Equity Assessors monitor and ensure that each committee follows procedures in fairness and equity. 

Equity Assessors ensure that committees pay close attention to the four designated group members (aboriginals, visible minorities, women and persons with disabilities), and ensure that any of these groups are recognized by the committee. 

The Office of Human Rights, Accessibility and Equity provides equity assessor training yearly or twice a year.

What are the benefits of becoming an Equity Assessor?

1. to ensure the practice of fairness and equity in academic status decisions

2. to strengthen the equity culture at the university

3. to acquire expertise in appointments and the promotion, tenure and renewal process

4. to acquire knowledge of the policies and procedures at the university

5. to become familiar with the different academic cultures

6. to meet colleagues in other faculties and the library

7. to enhance  your university service record.

If you are interested in becoming an Equity Assessor, please contact the Faculty Association at 519-253-3000 ext. 3366.

Assist with Miscellaneous Events

From time to time the Faculty Association will host various social events, such as the Winter Solstice party, BBQs, luncheons, the Mary Lou Dietz Equity Award celebration, etc.   WUFA will often call upon member volunteers to help set up and tear down the events.  If you are interested in helping out in this capacity, please phone the Faculty Association office at ext. 3365 to find out about the next event scheduled.