Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee reviews various complaints within the parameters of the Collective Agreement and determines if grievances are warranted.  The Committee monitors the activities of the University community with respect to contract compliance, policies, etc. that concern all WUFA members, and they will make recommendations to the Contract Committee, Faculty Council, Executive Committee, and other Committees of the Association.

The Grievance Committee meets bi-weekly during the academic year.  Faculty and Librarian members with possible grievance issues are encouraged to contact the Faculty Association Office as soon as possible at ext. 3362.

Grievance Committee 2020 - 2022

Anna Lanoszka, ChairPolitical ScienceExt. 2355VP Grievance  (term ending Fall 2022)

Jeff Noonan, (WUFA President) ex officio

PhilosophyExt. 2396GC term ending Fall 2022
Tanja Collet-NajemLanguages, Literatures & CulturesExt. 2071GC term ending Fall 2020
Nancy McNevinKinesiologyExt. 4276GC term ending Fall 2020
Mita WilliamsLibraryExt. 2553GC term ending Fall 2021
Vacant Seat (TBD)  GC term ending Fall 2022

Additional Information:

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