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We Want to Feature YOU!

One of the goals for the new WUFA website is to connect faculty to each other and demonstrate the value of what WUFA members do to the wider community.   To this end, the WUFA website will feature the multi-faceted ways in which the work of WUFA members contributes to the growth and development of the University of Windsor and the region.  The Featured Stories section of the website will draw readers’ attention to “Who we are. What we do. Why it matters.” by showcasing members’ work and accomplishments.

Do you have a unique way of teaching a particular lesson/subject?  Do you have an interesting method to engage students?  Does your research or other scholarly efforts address important issues of our time? Do you work independently or with a group of faculty members to accomplish a particular goal in your department/unit?  We want to feature YOU and foreground the many contributions that you do to uphold to the core mission of the University.

WUFA is working with the Digital Journalism program to develop these 'Feature Stories' that will be published throughout the term.   

If you would like to featured on our website or have any questions, please contact the WUFA office at ext. 3362 or send an email to wufa@uwindsor.ca.