GR# 0924 - Decanal Interference in Preferred Applicant Status Awards

Collective Agreement Referenced: 2014-2017

Article(s): 54

Nature of Dispute: The Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences allegedly interfered in the application process for Preferred Applicant Status under Article 54:06 of the Collective Agreement by placing PAS applications on hold. Historically, PAS applications have been reviewed by the AAU Renewal, Promotion and Tenure Committee and then applicants are informed of the result by the AAU Head. This practice is consistent with Article 54:06(b) of the Collective Agreement. By placing already approved PAS applications on hold, WUFA alleged that the Dean exceeded her authority by asserting a veto over the PAS process which has not existed in practice and which is not permitted by the Collective Agreement.

Result of Grievance: A settlement was reached by the parties without an arbitrator.  The parties confirmed that the existing practice as it relates to the process and approval of PAS (as per Article 54:06) shall continue. The Dean (or his/her delegate) is a member of the PTR Committee and has a role in assessing PAS applications to the extent of her/his membership on the Committee.  Once the application is approved or denied by the Committee, the applicant is notified of the Committee's decision.  The Dean does not have an additional role in reviewing the PAS application following the PTR Committee's decision. The process for reviewing and determining PAS applications is expected to proceed in a timely fashion, without undue delay.

Grievance initiated: January 28, 2015
Grievance resolved: January 18, 2016

Reference Docs:
(1) GR# 0924
(2) Minutes of Settlement