GR# 0866 - Confidentiality Forms for BoG Pension Committees

Collective Agreement Referenced: 2008-2011

Article(s): D.2, 7

Nature of Dispute: After making a unilateral decision to change the Pension and Investment Committee structures of the Board of Governors (BoG) Pension Committees, the BoG issued a policy that indicated all members of the committees must sign a confidentiality agreement. Two members affected by the policy are WUFA members who have a responsibility to keep WUFA informed. This responsibility conflicts with the confidentiality undertaking.

This grievance is related to GR# 0862, regarding actuarial service and advice given to the University from Mercer Canada.

Result of Grievance: The parties reached an agreement regarding a new Confidentiality Agreement to be signed by WUFA members, which will allow them to report back to WUFA Executive committee. WUFA is also guaranteed 3 members on the BoG Pension Committee, and 2 on the BoG Investment Committee; this will be written into Bylaw 1 of the BoG.

The balance of related issues contained in related GR# 0862 will continue before Arbitrator Picher to be litigated in the usual course.

Grievance initiated: June 30, 2011
Grievance resolved: October 1, 2013

Relevant Docs:        
(1) GR# 0866
(2) Minutes of Settlement GR# 0866, which includes the confidentiality form that union members on the BoG sign