Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley slammed in consultant's report on harassment  Banner Image

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley slammed in consultant's report on harassment

Article and Photo from CBC News

Posted: Oct 07, 2016

Sarnia, Ont. Mayor Mike Bradley allegedly created a "poisoned" work environment for city staff, according to a consultant's report set to go to Sarnia city council.

The report, filed by Lauren Bernardi, a partner at Bernardi Human Resource Law LLP, finds Bradley engaged in "egregious bullying and harassment" in his dealings with city staff.

"This was not a matter of the complainants being unable to stand the ordinary pressures of their jobs," Bernardi states in part. "I find that Mayor Bradley deliberately bullied and harassed the complainants, repeatedly and throughout their employment."     

On Friday Bradley told CBC he admits to being "strong in the workplace in the sense that I want answers for the people of Sarnia about how their taxes are spent." 

But Bradley also suggested he's the target of a witch hunt by some councillors and would not be resigning.

"It can be difficult to accept that someone who is as well-liked and popular as Mayor Bradley can engage in such "egregious bullying and harassment of those around him," the report states. 

Four complainants brought the allegations against Bradley.

The City of Sarnia's external legal counsel hired Bernardi to investigate the complaints against Bradley separately from the complaints investigated by the city's integrity commissioner in June.

Bradley sent out an open letter responding to the report Friday. In it, he criticizes the process, saying he reached out to try and discuss the problems but received no response. 

"I nevertheless think it is time to move on. No individual or group is bigger than the City. The challenges we face as a community require our full attention. For Sarnia to be what it has the potential to be, the work we do as a council must be done in good faith," he wrote.