ARTICLE 4 - Dues Check-Off

4:01            No member shall be required to join the Association as a condition of employment.

The University shall deduct dues once every pay period from the salary of each member of the bargaining unit.

It is also agreed to exclude those members appointed in accordance with Senate Bylaws as Acting in any capacity, including those referred to in 3:03 above and Dean, Acting Associate Dean, Acting Assistant Dean, Acting Vice-Provost, Students and Registrar, and those members appointed in accordance with this Agreement as Acting University Librarian, Acting Associate University Librarian, Acting Assistant Librarian or Acting Law Librarian, during the period of such appointment, from payment of dues or other assessments for general Association purposes uniformly and regularly payable by a member of the Association authorized in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association and certified in writing to the University by the Association.

In the case of new members of the bargaining unit, dues shall be deducted no later than thirty (30) days after the date of the bargaining unit member’s appointment or re-entry into the bargaining unit.

4:02            The amount of dues or other assessments deducted under clause 4:01 shall be remitted to the Association by the fifteenth (15th) and the last day of the current month in which the deductions are made.  The University shall make available, monthly, to the Association, a list stating the name, rank, status (e.g., limited term appointment, regular full-time, tenured), amount of dues deducted, AAU, (in the case of multi-disciplinary AAUs, the member’s location within the AAU) and date of initial appointment of each member within the bargaining unit.  The University shall with the list aforesaid provide the total number of bargaining unit members in each rank and the names of all members who have ceased to be employees of the University.

4:03            At the time that Income Tax T4 slips are provided to each member by the University, the University shall indicate on the T4 slips or separately in writing to each member, the deductions from the member’s salary under this Article 4.  The University undertakes to continue to deduct contributions to the Faculty Association Scholarship Fund from the salaries of members who so authorize the University to do so in writing and to remit the amounts so deducted to the Association on a monthly basis with a list of names of the contributors and the amount of authorized deductions remitted on behalf of the same.

4:04            The Association does hereby indemnify and save harmless the University against any actions arising out of the wrongful deductions of money for dues or other assessments as aforesaid resulting from the instructions of the Association.

4:05            The University shall endeavour to adjust the amount of dues deducted from each member within one (1) month of written notification by the Association of any changes in monthly dues or other assessments.