GR# 0964 - Appointment of Associate Dean in violation of Art. 41

Collective Agreement Referenced: 2014-2017

Article(s): 41

Nature of Dispute: In July 2015 the search committee that recommended hiring for the position of Associate Dean, Law Library and Legal Research Services for the Faculty of Law, was constituted in violation of Article 41 of the Collective Agreement.

Result of Grievance: A settlement was reached by the parties at Step 3 of the grievance process. It was confirmed that the University shall apply Article 41:04(b)of the Collective Agreement as it relates to the composition of the Librarian Appointment Committee for any future appointments of the Law Librarian.

Grievance initiated: April 21, 2017
Grievance resolved: June 1, 2017

Reference Docs:
(1) GR# 0964
(2) Minutes of Settlement