ARTICLE 1 - Definitions

1:01    Except as otherwise expressed in this Agreement,

Academic Administrative Unit (AAU) 

means        (i)    in a departmentalized Faculty, a Department, or School that offers a program approved by the Senate, or 
                    (ii)    in a non-departmentalized Faculty, the entire Faculty that offers a program approved by the Senate, 

AAU Head

means     the academic administrative leader of an AAU,

Academic Year

means     for all members of the bargaining unit, the 12 month period commencing on the 1st day of July and ending on the 30th day of the following June,


means     this Collective Agreement between the Association and the University,

Alternative Learning Technology
means     technologies used for the delivery of credit courses, including:

            (i)    teleconference or video conference,
            (ii)    videorecording, the use of recorded  works as defined by clause 35:02 (c), broadcast, or television,
            (iii)    satellite, internet or world-wide-web,

Ancillary Academic Staff

means     those members of the bargaining unit whose salary is fully paid from University operating funds and who are designated ancillary academic staff under this Agreement and in their letter of appointment issued under clause     
        12:25. This group shall include those persons with academic credentials hired to carry out the following University related activities except for teaching and/or research activities normally carried out by faculty

            (i)    Designated Sports Coaches (Human Kinetics),
            (ii)    Clinical Psychologists who, as a substantial part of their duties, teach, supervise, or train students, 
            (iii)    Learning Specialists, who support teaching and learning and report to a Dean, AAU Head, Associate Vice-President, Academic or Director, Medical Studies, and who, when qualified and appointed to a primary or secondary AAU, may teach,

Assistant Professor

means         a faculty member at the rank of Assistant Professor as defined in Senate Bylaws,

Associate Professor

means         a faculty member at the rank of Associate Professor as defined in Senate Bylaws,


means         the Faculty Association of the University of Windsor,

Association Council

means         the Council of the Faculty Association,

Bargaining Unit

means     the unit defined in the decision of the Ontario Labour Relations Board dated May 13, 1976 and any amendments thereto,

Board of Governors (or Board)

means         the Board of Governors as provided for in the University of Windsor Act,

Credit Course/Course Offering

means         a one (1) semester credit course, as listed in the University Calendar or approved by the Senate,


means         calendar days,


means     the chief executive officer of a Faculty and includes except where the context otherwise requires, the University Librarian and the Law Librarian, and includes their delegate,


means     such person outside the bargaining unit to whom the duties of another person outside the bargaining unit have been delegated in part or in whole, except in clauses 29:04 and 59:01 where duties are exercised, those duties may only be delegated to the Provost, Associate Vice-President Academic, Deans, Associate Deans, and the University Librarian and Associate University Librarians,

Dependent Child

means    A  child of the member who is entitled to be claimed as a dependent child within the meaning of the Income Tax Act in the taxation year in which free tuition is sought, and/or a child not over the age of twenty-six (26) to whom the member provides regular financial support. A member seeking free tuition on behalf of a dependent child shall furnish evidence of such entitlement to the University upon application for the said course(s),

Designate of the Dean

means     Head or Acting Head or such other person within the bargaining unit to whom the duties and responsibilities of a Head have been delegated in part or in whole,

Designate of the University Librarian

means     Head of a Department, Acting Head of a Department, such other person within the bargaining unit to whom the duties and responsibilities of a Department Head have been delegated in part or in whole, 

Designated Groups
means    women, visible minorities, Aboriginal people, sexual/gender minorities and people with disabilities, 

means     the Director of a School, 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Competent
means     a person who:

            (i)    has comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the principles and values that strengthen EDI considerations and a commitment in practice and praxis, and
            (ii)    has an appreciation of the importance of EDI as a standard for our university activities, and
            (iii)    demonstrates a commitment to EDI practice and praxis,

Faculty Member
means    each member of the bargaining unit who is not a professional librarian, ancillary academic staff, or a sessional member, 

means     academic administrative leader of an AAU who is a member of the bargaining unit, 

Immediate Family
means     a spouse and/or child of a member, 

Indigenous Peoples
means     Peoples who self-identify as Inuit, Métis, or First Nations,

Law Library
means     the Paul Martin Law Library, 

Law Librarian
means    the chief executive officer of the Law Library, 


means     a faculty member at the rank of Lecturer as defined in Senate Bylaws, 

Librarian I, Librarian II, Librarian III, Librarian IV

means     the librarian member ranks, 

Librarian Member

means     each member of the bargaining unit who is a professional librarian, 


means     a member of the bargaining unit, 

Nominal Salary

means     the Normal Salary which the member would have received had the member not taken sabbatical or retraining leave or been granted reduced responsibility, 

Normal Salary

means     a member's salary exclusive of overload, stipend(s) for administrative duties, and travel-time allowance(s), 


means     the parties to this Agreement, namely the Association and the University, 

Posted Course

means     a credit course which cannot be staffed by full-time faculty members or by sessional lecturers as part of their normal teaching load, 


means     President of the University and includes the President’s delegate, 


means     a faculty member at the rank of Professor as defined in Senate Bylaws, 


means     the Provost and Vice-President, Academic of the University and includes their delegate, 


means        a racialized person is a member of a group defined by a social process in which certain groups of people are marked as different and inferior and thereby singled out for unique treatment based on visible real or imagined physical characteristics of race. It is a socially constructed term that draws attention to the actual process that created disadvantage for groups in society on the basis of those visible real or imagined physical attributes. (Galabuzi, Allen, York University)1
         1Adapted from:
        Forster, Lorne. The Process of “Racialization”. York U, 2006-07. Accessed 28 July 2021.

        Galabuzi, Grace-Edward. Canada’s economic apartheid: The social exclusion of racialized groups in the new century. Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2006.

        Allen, Andrew MA. “Negotiating University Teaching in Canada using Critical Race Theory: Having to Continually Prove Oneself in Academia.” Diversity and Triumph's of Navigating the Terrain of Academe. Emerald Publishing Limited, 2019.


means     a member on sabbatical leave, 


means     the Senate as provided for in the University of Windsor Act, 

Sessional Instructor

means     a member of the bargaining unit as defined in clause 54:02,  

Sessional Lecturer

means    a member of the bargaining unit as defined in clause 55:01, 

Sessional Seniority

means     the number of credit courses accumulated from a sessional member's initial date of appointment as a sessional instructor at this University or 1987, whichever is later, or the number of credit courses taught since 1976 upon presentation by the member before December 31, 1993 of documentation which shall include, but is not restricted to, any of the following: letters from the administration referring to course(s) taught, duly completed grade sheets, teaching evaluations, and letters of appointment. Special instructors in Music shall establish their sessional seniority as above by December 31, 1998 on the basis of clause 54:04 (d), 


means     any legally married person and includes also any person with whom the member has established a period of cohabitation of at least one year and whom the member has designated as the member’s spouse, 

    The above definition will apply to all University benefit plans, but not to the University of Windsor Retirement Plan for Faculty and Certain Employees.  Same-sex spouses shall be eligible for survivor benefits under the University of Windsor Retirement Plan for Faculty and Certain Employees as soon as the laws applicable to the plan so permit. 

Sexual/Gender Minorities

means    members who identify with sexual orientations and/or gender identities that do not conform to heteronormative and cisgendered binary representations, including, but not limited to, those identifying with the broader LGBTQ2S+ communities.

Summer Semester
means          a combination of intersession and either summer session or summer school, 

Teaching Intensive Faculty

means        a faculty member whose primary responsibilities are teaching, not to exceed eight (8) credit courses or their equivalency and normally without expectation of research/scholarship/creative activity;

Teaching Year

means     the twelve month period from May 1 to the subsequent April 30, 

Traditional Knowledge Systems

means        many layers in interconnections of being, knowing, and methods of expression, which are neither static nor homogeneous, and are rooted in the different lands and environments of Indigenous Peoples. Traditional Knowledge Systems promote practices that are sustainable, equitable, peace building, community centred, provide a good life within natural surroundings, and also critically interrogate and examine challenges to their continued existence. This includes language and/or traditional customs including protocols, spirituality, traditions, practices, ceremonies, histories, and teachings of a particular group of Indigenous People or Peoples. This knowledge may be acquired through lived experience including listening and learning in an Indigenous language and within the contexts of living on the land; active and lengthy participation in Indigenous forms of self-determination and governance, cultural structures, and processes; and a careful study and reflection of philosophical underpinnings. Aspects of Traditional Knowledge Systems may or may not be acquired through written documents, as acquiring this knowledge will have involved studying with an Indigenous Elder or Traditional Knowledge Carrier/ Keeper. The parties further acknowledge the definition of Traditional Knowledge Systems is an evolving and fluid concept and that ongoing consultation with the Aboriginal Education Council and local Indigenous communities may warrant future revision.

means     the University of Windsor as constituted by the University of Windsor Act, in certain contexts University may mean, where appropriate, the Board of Governors, 

University Committee on Academic Promotion and Tenure (UCAPT)

means     UCAPT or any successor committee(s) created by Senate to fulfill all or some of the functions performed by UCAPT, 

University Librarian

means     the chief executive officer of the University Library and includes the University Librarian’s delegate, 

University Library

means     the Leddy Library, and includes other Library Services of the University employing professional librarians with the exception of the Law Library, 

University of Windsor Act

means     the University of Windsor Act, 1962-63, as amended by the University of Windsor Act, 1968-69, 


means     a Vice-President of the University and includes the Vice President of the University’s delegate, 

Visiting Professor/Instructor

is one enjoying an outstanding reputation by virtue of excellence in research, teaching or creative or professional endeavours who is temporarily visiting the University on leave from their own institution and whose contribution to the University is mainly concerned with research and scholarship, and who shall not teach more than one credit course per semester, unless mutually agreed by the parties that exceptional circumstances exist, 

Written or Writing

includes typewritten, printed, or photocopied.