ARTICLE 8 - Facilities and Support Services

8:01            The University acknowledges a continuing responsibility to maintain a climate in which the academic functions of the members may be carried out, and undertakes, therefore, to continue to provide within the resources available a level of facilities and support services consistent with this responsibility, except that the level of the facilities and support services listed below may be adjusted from time to time.

(a)       secretarial services, which shall be made available to members for University business, such as teaching, research, scholarly and professional activities related to University business.  Priorities for the use of such secretarial services shall be determined by the AAU Head or Associate University Librarian as appropriate;

(b)       telephone service, including long distance access codes for University business purposes, will be available to all faculty, ancillary academic staff, sessional lecturers, and librarian members. A Sessional instructor may request a long distance access code from the member’s AAU Head in order to conduct University business. The Head shall consider the request in light of the operational needs of the AAU;

(c)       office space. Such space may not be reassigned without notice to the member and such space shall not be unreasonably reassigned;

(d)       (i)        parking space. The University shall endeavour, subject to available space, to give priority in the

assignment of parking to members in the parking lot nearest their assigned work area, provided request for such parking space has been received by April 1st of the year in question.  After such date, assignment of parking will be on a first come, first served basis.  Members holding valid permits to the St. Denis Lot shall be allowed to park in the Education Lot without additional charge.  The Association shall be entitled to appoint a member to the University Parking Committee annually.  The Vice-President, Finance and Operations, shall provide to the Association an annual statement of the income and expenditures related to the operation of the University parking lots.  The University shall provide the Faculty Association with sixty (60) days written notice of any intent to increase parking fees for members;

                (ii)       parking of bicycles. The University shall provide facilities for the parking of bicycles;

(e)       supplies and equipment;

(f)        computing services;

(g)       instructional aids;

(h)       duplicating facilities;

(i)        laboratory services;

(j)        multi-media/instructional services;

(k)       teaching and research assistance (subject to clause 9:02);

(l)        On an ongoing basis, the University agrees to determine and display prominently the occupancy of classrooms in accordance with the Fire Code contained in the Ontario Building Code.

8:02            Where users' committees exist in relation to the foregoing facilities and support services, such committees shall continue to perform their advisory functions during the term of this Agreement.

8:03           The University shall make reasonable provision for the safety of members and the environmental conditions of air, light, space, and temperature or working areas in the University. Should a concern arise regarding health and safety or said environmental conditions a member shall report the concern to the AAU or Department Head.