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Messages from WUFA:


April 8, 2020

The WUFA office on campus (Kerr House) is closed; however, WUFA’s operations continue online. The WUFA Executive Committee meets regularly and looks after the day-to-day business of WUFA. WUFA Staff are working from their homes during normal business hours, from Monday to Friday (9am – 4:30pm).

As we navigate through this temporary “new normal”, please be assured that WUFA is here for you. WUFA support remains available for any and all issues arising from the terms and conditions of your employment.

Meetings with the Employer
If you are called to an online or phone meeting with your Dean (or anyone from Administration), you have the right to WUFA representation at that meeting. Please contact that WUFA office as soon as possible and we will help find an available WUFA representative, from another unit on campus, who will act as your support person and accompany you to the virtual meeting.

WUFA and the University have agreed to take a grievance moratorium in light of the COVID-pandemic. As such, all outstanding grievance matters are on hold until further notice (arbitration matters are exceptions to the moratorium). Please do not hesitate to contact WUFA at if you have any grievance-related concerns over the moratorium period. Should any new grievance issues arise during the moratorium period, their clock will start when the University and WUFA returns to their normal working schedule.

WUFA Business
WUFA Faculty Council and WUFA Executive Committee continue to hold regular meetings to look after the day-to-day operations of the Faculty Association. Furthermore, WUFA is represented on the University's Pandemic Planning Committee to protect your interests and defend members' rights in the planning process during this difficult time.

If you have any questions or would like bring forward an issue to WUFA’s leaders, please email WUFA at or contact your WUFA Faculty Council representative; please click here to see the list of WUFA Faculty Council members in your area.

Lastly, please visit the WUFA website for more information and helpful resources related to COVID-19.

WUFA is here for you, and we wish everyone the best during this difficult time. Stay safe.

Peter Zimmerman, President
Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA)


April 6, 2020

As you may be aware, the student unions have initiated a petition requesting greater flexibility in grading options than those that have been announced by the Provost. Please see the Statement from UWSA President Jeremiah Bowers for more information.


WUFA has not taken a position in support of the petition. There are a number of reasons why our Executive elected not to support the petition, one of which is grounded in academic freedom. It is WUFA’s position that course instructors are best positioned to determine whether additional grading options are appropriate and have the academic freedom right to implement them when appropriate. Nevertheless, keeping in mind the heightened levels of anxiety and stress that all of us are under and the additional workload created by the move to online instruction, please give some thought to UWSA’s concerns and, only where it is academically appropriate to the course(s) you are teaching, please consider using your academic freedom to provide other grading options to students.


Peter Zimmerman

President, Windsor University Faculty Association

March 16, 2020

I’m writing on behalf of the Faculty Association to let you know we are doing our best to assist the University administration in working through the challenges posed by COVID-19. In doing so, we continue to advocate for and defend our members’ rights.


As members are aware, all classes have been cancelled and alternative delivery methods are being established. It is essential that WUFA members do their best to accommodate this new, temporary reality. There are unquestionably going to be challenges arising from the transition. It is WUFA’s firm position that after the crisis has passed, students will return to the classroom — but we have no way of knowing when that can happen.


This does not mean that the crisis allows our employer to override our rights, but we are dealing with unprecedented events. In conversations I have had with senior administrators, I believe they are attempting to manage the crisis in good faith. However, if you have concerns regarding your rights as a WUFA member, please contact the Association at for advice.


Finally, please keep in mind the advice from health authorities to practice social distancing. If you must meet with students or colleagues, take whatever precautions you can to limit the potential spread of infection.


All the best,

Peter Zimmerman, WUFA President


March 13, 2020

The Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA) is monitoring and providing input into actions that the University may need to undertake to protect the health and safety of everyone in light of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. We also have a responsibility to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on members and the Association staff to the extent it is possible.

To that end, the WUFA office will close effective the end of the work day, March 13, 2020, until further notice. WUFA’s Executive Committee will continue to manage WUFA’s day to day business using email and telephone communications during the closure. If you require assistance from the Association during this time, please email your concerns to for further instruction.

University President Gordon recently announced that the University has established a Pandemic Planning Committee which meets ergularly to review all aspects of how to minimize risks in the University communicty and support the development of emergency preparedness strategies going forward. WUFA is represented on that Committee to protect your interests in the planning process.

Please be aware that the office closure may also affect WUFA governance processes. For example, there may be delays in necessary governance processes including but not limited to Executive Committee elections or general membership meetings. In the event that such a governance situation arises, the Executive will determine the appropriate course of action consistent with our constitution to the extent possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Association at or feel free to contact me personally at

I wish you all the best during this difficult time.

Peter Zimmerman
President, Windsor University Faculty Association