GR# 0962 - Disclosure in the Article 59 process

Collective Agreement referenced: 2014 - 2017

Article(s): 59

Nature of Dispute:  WUFA was aware of at least two (2) student complaint cases in which the accused members were not provided an opportunity to view or respond to the Deans’ reports before they were submitted to the Provost and President. In each case the Provost and/or President issued a letter of censure to the member based on the Dean’s report.

Result of Grievance: On June 8, 2020 a settlement was reached between WUFA and the University, which specifies additional steps for sharing disclosure in the Article 59 process. Please read the Minutes of Settlement below for futher details.

Grievance initiated: April 21, 2017
Grievance resolved: June 8, 2020

Reference Docs:
(1) Policy GR# 0962
(2) Minutes of Settlement