Joint Committees & Task Forces

From time to time, different 'Task Force’ committees are formed that include representatives from WUFA and Administration (and sometimes other campus unions) to deal with various issues. In all cases, the task force committee representative from WUFA will report their activities and findings through to Executive Committee and Faculty Association Council.

University Pension Plan Joint Ad Hoc Subcommittee

The University Pension Plan Joint Ad Hoc Subcommittee (the “Subcommittee”) is established by WUFA, WURA, and the University of Windsor as a subcommittee of the University of Windsor’s Board of Governors Retirement Committee (“D.2 Committee”) to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of moving the faculty pension plan to the University Pension Plan (the “UPP”). The purpose is to establish a set of requirements for the conduct of the business of the Subcommittee.

The composition of the committee is as follows:

WUFA Representatives
Ram Balachandar
Thomas Grondin
Anna Lanoszka, WUFA President
Lydia Miljan
Ihor Stebelsky, Windsor University Retirees Association (WURA) representative

University of Windsor Representatives
Robert Aguirre, Provost and Vice-President Academic
Philip Dutton, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Affairs, Faculty of Science
Gillian Heisz, Vice-President, Finance & Operations
Vincent Yeung, Associate Vice-President, Finance