Joint Task Forces

From time to time, different 'Task Force’ committees are formed that include representatives from WUFA and Administration (and sometimes other campus unions) to deal with various issues. In all cases, the task force committee representative from WUFA will report their activities and findings through to Executive Committee and Faculty Association Council.

Joint Task Force on the Gender Pay Gap

WUFA reps:
Dr. Nancy McNevin, Human Kinetics
Dr. Jill Urbanic, Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Esaignani Selvarajah, Odette School of Business

Administration reps:
Dr. Lori Buchanan, Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Ms. Rita LaCivita, Vice-President, Human Resources
Dr. Patti Weir, Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Since the publication in Canadian Journal of Higher Education, volume 49, No.1, 2019 of the paper 'More Than a Pipeline Problem: Evaluating the Gender Pay Gap in Canadian Academia from 1996 to 2016' B. Momani, E. Dreher, K. Williams, concerns have been raised regarding its findings.  The publication revieals that, amongst all members of the the Council of Ontario Universities, (excuding one) the Univeristy of Windsor was found to have the largest pay gap (5.6%) amoungst those earning greater than $100,000.

In response to these findings, the University of Windsor Administration and the Windsor univeristy Faculty Association have committed to jointly conducting an internal review to investigate the findings of the paper, through the establishement of a Teask Force on the Gender Pay Gap.

Proposed Membership: Equal representation
2 co-chairs
4 members, 2 appointed each by the Association and the Administration
Terms of Reference and guiding principles of the Task Force will be determined by its members.

Proposed Objectives:
To investigate the findings of the paper and gender wage gaps amongst full time faculty members.
To communicate broadly the work of the group and its findings.
To respond to the concerns raised.
To make recommendations based on its findings.

Proposed Process:
Methodology of the analysis will be agreed upon by the Task Force and will be conducted by subject matter experts with support from:

  • Institutional Analysis
  • Human Resources:
  • Information Technology Services

Anti-Black Racism Task Force

On June 11th, 2020 the University of Windsor struct an Anti-Black Racism Task Force to confront, challenge and eliminate Anti-Black Racsim at UWindsor. 
The following four priorites were identified as the initial University-wide initiatives:

  • Establish an Anti-Black Racism Task Force
  • Implement a race-based data collection framework
  • Conduct an external review
  • Establish a training and educational framework

The Task Force purpose is to:
(1) Listen and learn from the experiences of Black students, staff and faculty across the Univeristy of Windsor, with the goal of centring these experiences in determining priorities for substantive change. 
(2) Indentify and review policies, programs, pedagogical practices, research, and other concrete actions on campus and beyond, and recommend pervasive anti-racism and anti-oppressive practices with measurable, time-defined Calls to Action.  These Actions will support equitable access to opportunities, highlight Black excellence and celebrate Black histories and cultures, and foster safer, inclusive, anti-racist communities.

Faculty Representives are:
Dr. Rajesh Seth, Ex-Officio Faculty, WUFA representive
Dr. Natalie Delia Deckard, Faculty At-Large
Dr. Richard Douglass-Chin, Faculty At-Large
Nicole Scott, Faculty At-Large
Dr. Camisha Sibblis, Faculty At-Large
click here for the complete Anti-Black Racism Task Force Membership

Click here to read the Terms of Reference

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