ARTICLE 9 - Employment of Non-Members of the Bargaining Unit

9:01    A member of the Board of Governors, President, Provost, Vice-Presidents, Vice-Provosts, Associate and Assistant Provosts, Associate and Assistant Vice-Presidents, Vice-Provost, Students and Registrar, Deans, Director of Athletics and Recreational Services, University Librarian, Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Director of Faculty Recruitment and Retention, Executive Director, Centre for Executive Education, Director, Medical Studies, or any such person serving in an acting capacity, are excluded from the bargaining unit together with those other persons excluded from the bargaining unit by the decision of the Ontario Labour Relations Board dated May 13, 1976 and any amendments thereto, may engage in teaching, student consultation and advising, research/scholarship/creative activity, and librarianship.

9:02    Faculty and sessional members in the performance of their duties may be assisted by teaching assistants, graduate assistants, and teaching fellows and in their research and scholarly activities by research assistants or associates.

9:03    All appointments of visiting professors are made by the Board of Governors following approval of an AAU Council through an appropriate AAU Appointments Committee.