MEMORANDA OF AGREEMENT - Twelve (12) Month Sessional Lecturer Positions


Under this Collective Agreement, existing sessional lecturer members hired under Article 55 shall be provided a one-time opportunity to convert their position to a twelve (12) month position as outlined below:

  1. The member shall inform the Dean of their request to convert to a twelve (12) month appointment by December 31, 2022, with the twelve (12) month appointment to begin July 1, 2023.

  2. A sessional lecturer on a twelve (12) month appointment will teach eight (8) credit courses in each academic year or their equivalency in the Faculty of Nursing and in Visual Arts. Said member will be assigned to teach in at least two (2) of three (3) semesters in no more than four (4) courses or their equivalency in any given semester.

  3. Sessional lecturers who were previously appointed under an eight (8) month appointment will be appointed as a nine (9) month appointment, and they shall receive a salary increase of one (1) month of their current salary under an eight (8) month appointment, as described in Article S. Sessional lecturers appointed for a twelve (12) month appointment shall have a salary equivalent to a nine (9) month appointment, as described above, and in addition a twenty thousand dollar ($20,000) increase to base commencing on July 1, 2023.

  4. Sessional lecturers converted to a twelve (12) month appointment shall hold the same rank held prior to the conversion.

  5. Conversion to a twelve (12) month sessional lecturer position shall be permanent.

  6. A sessional lecturer who does not wish to convert to a twelve (12) month appointment under this Memorandum of Agreement shall continue to hold the position of a sessional lecturer under a nine (9) month appointment until such time they retire, resign, or take voluntary contract termination under Article 14:52.

  7. Following rights of conversion exercised according to this Memorandum of Agreement, or where any vacancy arise in the sessional lecturer positions governed by Article 55 the University shall not appoint any further sessional lecturers as articulated in Article 55:01.