Professional Development and Membership Funds

Professional Development and Membership Funds are intended to be used "for payment of the costs of travel, accommodation and other related expenses incurred for attendance at learned or professional conferences, symposiums or for other authorized University travel and for payment of the membership dues of professional or learned societies, for academic journals and books, and for professional development". See Article I of the Collective Agreement for additional information concerning PD Funds. 

An agreement was reached between the Faculty Association and the University that the Funds can also be used towards "technology driven solutions". Click here for more information. 

Requests for professional development and membership dues reimbursement may be initiated by the member to the Dean or Head, the University Librarian or Law Librarian.  Requests for travel advances must be submitted at least fifteen (15) days before the commencement of travel. Travel expense reimbursement requests may also be made using a travel expense form made available by the University.