ARTICLE 43 - Rights and Responsibilities of Excluded Persons on Termination of Appointment

43:01    The Association recognizes that those positions identified in Article 3:03 of this Agreement, or other person who is excluded from the bargaining unit by law, or by agreement between the parties by virtue of holding such an appointment and who would otherwise fall within the scope of the bargaining unit shall, at the termination of such appointment, or on the last day of an administrative leave, if any, automatically become a member of the bargaining unit with all of the rights and responsibilities attendant thereto as if they had been a member continuously throughout the duration of such appointment.

43:02    An excluded person shall continue in the AAU or Library in which they hold an academic appointment without displacing a full-time member.

43:03    For purposes of determining the salary scale and progress-through-the-rank increments of those positions identified in Article 43:01 of this Agreement, on the member’s re-entry into the bargaining unit as a faculty member or librarian member, the Normal Salary shall be the member’s salary as at the last day of the member’s term, or on the last day of an administrative leave, if any, minus the administrative stipend specified in the annual letter of reappointment and paid as a responsibility allowance which ceases to be paid on the termination of the administrative responsibilities or administrative leave as the case may be.