Strategic Mandate Agreements - WUFA response


                      In 2014 the province announced that all Ontario Universities would have to negotiate Strategic Mandate Agreements. These agreements require institutions to explain what they are doing to enhance the student experience, what the research output of faculty is, list unique program-level strengths, explain important connections between the university and the wider community, and make projections about future enrolments. The SMA’s are part of the province’s new funding formula for higher education. The program is worrying for two reasons: they potentially compromise institutional autonomy and (after 2020) may allocate finding to universities on the basis of metrics beyond institutional control (such as employment rates of graduates). 

In the following critique (CLICK HERE) we set aside these general concerns to focus on the content of our own 2017 SMA. It was written by VP Internal Stephen Pender, with input from the executive committee and general membership.  It was presented to Senate on Friday. We will be sending a copy to the President. If anyone has further thoughts please share as soon as possible so that we can incorporate them in that version.



Dr. Jeff Noonan
Department of Philosophy
President, Windsor University Faculty Association