1. On the signing of this Agreement, the parties undertake to establish a Joint Committee by July 1, 2012 to review collective agreement language relevant to librarian members, including but not limited to the pertinent clauses in Articles 5, 12, 13, and 26.

2. The Joint Committee shall be composed of six (6) members, three (3) to be appointed by the Faculty Association and three (3) to be appointed by the President of the University, with co-chairs appointed by each of the parties.

3. After consultation with librarians and other stakeholders, the Joint Committee will consider current procedures in place in the University libraries, the needs of the University and its libraries and librarians, and the current and developing nature of the profession.

4.  The Joint Committee will conclude and submit its report and recommendations in writing to the President of the University and the Executive Committee of the Faculty Association by June 30, 2013.


Subject to statutory requirements, the University shall have the right to use any funding excess in the pension surplus to set off the total sum of any additional contributions it was required to make at any time following the next valuation of the pension fund in order to cover any funding deficit in the plan, less amounts previously repaid, if any, under this clause.  If there is a funding excess and if there is no set off cost or if there is a funding excess remaining after the payment of set off costs, the parties reserve the right to negotiate the terms and conditions that shall govern the disbursement of the funding excess of the University of Windsor Retirement Plan for Faculty and Certain Employees as determined by the Plan's Actuary.