Policy Grievances

Mercer Independence-Pension Plan Policy Grievance
(Policy GR#0862)

WUFA alleges that the University used the plan actuary, Mercer Canada, in ways that compromised the plan actuary’s required independence under the text of the pension plan agreement.

Relevant Docs:  Policy GR# 0862   Interim Decision#4’ from the arbitrator, Pam Picher. The Arbitrator ordered that Mercer Canada be replaced forthwith as the Plan’s Actuary.

Status Update: The University filed for Judicial Review of arbitrator Picher's ruling that Mercer Canada must be replaced as the Plan's actuary. Judicial Review has been postponed in order to consider the Intervenor Status requested by Mercer.

Failure to investigate conflict of interest allegation on Board of Governor’s Investment Committee
(Policy GR#0909)

The University was informed of the Association’s concerns regarding a perceived conflict of interest in the case of a member of the Board of Governor’s Investment Committee. This grievance alleges that the University has failed to investigate the allegations properly or in a timely manner or taken any effective steps to remove the conflicted person/companies.

Relevant Docs:  Policy GR#0909

Status Update: An arbitrator has not yet been selected to hear the case, and no dates for arbitration are set.

Bargaining Unit Membership
(Policy GR#0929)

The University has created a number of full-time position in various categories across campus in which WUFA’s bargaining unit work, as defined in the Collective Agreement and through past practice, has been and/or is being performed by individuals who are not members of the bargaining unit.

Relevant Docs:   Policy GR#0929

Status Update: The arbitration hearing will be held on February 8, 2018 with arbitrator Kelly Waddingham.

Sessional Lecturers' Salaries
(Policy GR#0940)

It came to WUFA's attention that contrary to Article S, the University has awarded and paid higher than permitted salaries to some recently appointed Sessional Lecturers in a manner that can only be for arbitrary, unfair and/or discriminatory reasons.

Relevant Docs: Policy GR#0940

Status Update:  The arbitration hearing will be held on March 6, 2018 with arbitrator Ken Swan.

EI Premium Reduction Program
(Policy GR#0900)

This is an ongoing grievance relating to improperly held funds in the hands of the University that should otherwise have not been deducted, but should have been paid out to the benefit of past and present members of the Association. The Association claims that the University failed to comply with the provisions of the EI Premium Reduction Program.

Relevant Docs:Policy GR#0900

Status Update: The arbitration hearing will be held on February 28, 2018 with arbitrator James Hayes.

Deans’ Reports in Student Complaint Cases
(Policy GR# 0962)

WUFA is aware of at least two (2) student complaint cases in which the accused members were not provided an opportunity to view or respond to the Deans’ reports before they were submitted to the Provost and President.  In each case the Provost and/or President issued a letter of censure to the member based on the Dean’s report.

Relevant Docs: Policy GR# 0962

Status Update: An arbitrator has not yet been selected to hear the case, and no dates for arbitration are set.

‘Agreement for Course Design’, Office of Open Learning
(Policy GR# 0963)

The University has entered into an unknown number of Agreements for Course Design without the Association’s knowledge in violation of WUFA’s role as the sole bargaining agent. Furthermore, some of these agreements appear to have been contracted out to individuals identified in the Agreement as “individual contractors”.

Relevant Docs: Policy GR# 0963

Status Update: The grievance is being discussed at Step 3 between WUFA’s VP Grievance and the Director, Academic Labour Relations.



Policy grievances that have been resolved are listed in the Policy Grievance Archive.