Key Issues

Hiring of 50 Tenure-Track Faculty  Thumbnail Image
Hiring of 50 Tenure-Track Faculty
WUFA and the Administration have agreed to reinvigorate our joint commitment to employment equity by settling the long-standing policy grievance. The key features of this settlement will guide all faculty/ librarian/ AAS hiring decisions.
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Voluntary Contract Termination
Art. 14 of our collective agreement allows WUFA to negotiate individual Voluntary Contract Termination (VCT) packages for individuals who are not yet age 65 and wish to leave or retire from the University. In the past, some members close to retirement age have been offered better VCT/ severance packages than others. We have attempted to address this inequity by agreeing to severance terms that will apply everyone who turns 65 during the lifetime of the current collective agreement.
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Kerr House
Administration has told WUFA that we must move from Kerr House, which they have decided to tear down.
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Policy Grievances
A Policy Grievance is a grievance arising directly between the Association and the University concerning the interpretation,application,administration or violation of the provisions of the Collective Agreement.In most cases there are implications for Association members.Here you will find a list of current policy grievances and their status updates.