Status of Women, Diversity and Equity Action Committee

The Status of Women, Diversity & Equity Action Committee (SWDEAC) works on strategies for achieving equity and equality in the University community.  They investigate ways and means by which women, racial minorities or those with disabilities have been or may be treated unfairly. 

The Committee will also make recommendations to the Contract Committee, Executive Committee, and other Committees of the Association relating to issues of employment equity.

SWDEAC meetings during the 2018-19 will be held in the upstairs boardroom of the Faculty Association, Kerr House (366 Sunset Ave.):

SWDEAC Fall 2019 Meeting Schedule  (TBD)

If you would like to join the SWDEAC, please contact the WUFA office at ext. 3365 or email

SWDEAC 2018-2019

Brandi Lucier, VP SWDE

Women's & Gender Studies

Peter Zimmerman, WUFA President
ex officio


Nihar Biswas

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jessica Chen

Computer Science

Elizabeth Donnelly

Social Work

Richard Douglass-Chin

English Language, Literature & Creative Writing

Donna Eansor

Faculty of Law
Rita HaaseWomen's & Gender Studies

Susan Holloway


Zhiguo Hu

Mathematics & Statistics

Beverly JacobsLaw
Vicki Jay-LeungLibrary

Anne Kaay


Tranum Kaur

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Dana Levin

Social Work

Ruth Mann

Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology

Maureen Muldoon


Claire Mumme`Law

Sharon Munro


Francisca Omorodion

Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology

Victoria Paraschak


Kathy Pfaff


Helen PowerLibrary
Emily RosserWomen's and Gender Studies

Kara Smith

Urvashi Soni-SinhaWomen's and Gender Studies

Iris Xu

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Shuzhen Zhao


Review Committee on Employment Equity (RCEE)

The RCEE consists of two persons appointed by the University, and two persons from the membership of the Faculty Association appointed by the President of WUFA.  The RCEE is responsible for: (a) identifying where there is a serious under-representation of members of the designated groups in any AAU and/or Library; (b) recommending reasonable goals and timetables for hiring by any AAU and/or Library where serious under-representation of members of the designated groups exists; and (c) reviewing action taken within the University to achieve the hiring goals recommended by the RCEE.

The two WUFA reps who sit on the RCEE 2018-2019 are:

  • Vicky Paraschak (Kinesiology)
  • Vicki Jay Leung (Library)

The two Admin reps who sit on the RCEE 2018-2019 are:

  • Kaye Johnson (OHREA)
  • Alison Samson (Graduate Academic Services)

Employment Equity Coordinating Committee (EECC)

The Employment Equity Coordinating Committee (EECC) is the body which implements employment equity at the University of Windsor.  The committee is made up of representatives from each bargaining unit on campus and an equal number of representatives from the administration.  The Committee meets four times in each academic year.

The two WUFA reps who sit on the EECC 2018-2019 are:

  • Sharon Munro,Library (WUFA rep)
  • Roozbeh Razavi Far, Faculty of Engineering (SWDEAC appointee)

Mary Lou Dietz Equity Leadership Award Committee 2019

The Mary Lou Dietz Equity Award is a prestigious award that was established to honour the memory of Mary Lou Dietz.  The Windsor University Faculty Association’s Status of Women, Diversity and Equity Action Committee bestows the award each year to honour individuals who demonstrate leadership through their contributions to creating an equity culture on campus. Read more about this award and other local, provincial and national awards that WUFA members may be eligible for by clicking here.

Niharendu Biswas, Chair

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Natalie Atkin

Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Sreekanta DasCivil & Environmental Engineering

Vicki Jay Leung

Helen PowerLibrary

Iris Xu

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Shuzhen ZhaoLibrary

Mary Lou Dietz Equity Leadership Award

This award is given by the University of Windsor Faculty Association in honour of Mary Lou Dietz, BA. MA. PhD., who was a faculty member and Department Head of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Windsor. Dr. Dietz served on WUFA's Executive and council numerous times. In 1972 she lobbied for and became a founding member of WUFA's Status of Women Committee. Dr. Dietz helped to establish an executive position of Vice-President, Women's Issues within the faculty association and was the first person elected to this office. Dr. Dietz was involved in collective bargaining as a member of the Contract Committee and the Negotiating Committee, and she was Chief Negotiator in the year that our pay anomaly fund for women was established. In 1994, Mary Lou Dietz was awarded the CAUT Sarah Shorten Award, in recognition of her outstanding achievements in the promotion of the advancement of women in Canadian universities and colleges. She passed away December 29, 2008.

For the Mary Lou Dietz Equity Leadership Award Criteria & Nomination Form click here


Previous Recipients

2019 - Dr. Ben C. H. Kuo, Psychology

2018 - Dr. Laverne Jacobs, Faculty of Law

2017 - Dr. Victoria Paraschak, Human Kinetics

2016 - Dr. Anne Forrest, Women's and Gender Studies

2015 - Dr. Andrew Allen, Faculty of Education

2014 - Dr. Lynda D. Corkum, Faculty of Science

2013 - Dr. Richard Moon, Faculty of Law

2012 - Dr. Angela Sodan, Faculty of Computer Science

2011 - Dr. Margery J. Holman, Faculty of Human Kinetics

2010 - removed by request