Nipissing University announces the closing of its Muskoka campus  Banner Image

Nipissing University announces the closing of its Muskoka campus

Article and photo taken from: Bracebridge Examiner


The university announced Tuesday it is relocating all academic programs and academic support currently offered in Muskoka to the North Bay campus for the 2016-17 academic year and is closing the Muskoka campus as of June 30.

It was announced in June 2015 that Nipissing was consolidating the academic programming offered in Muskoka “to improve the university’s overall efficiency in order to continue to deliver a high-quality university experience.”

There are currently 79 students enrolled in courses at Nipissing’s Muskoka campus. 

“Students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program on the Muskoka campus will finish their studies in Bracebridge by December 2016 at an alternate location,” the university announced in Tuesday’s announcement. “Students currently enrolled in Arts and Science courses and Applied and Professional programs have been notified that their program is being moved to the North Bay campus.  The university will work with each student affected by the Muskoka campus closure to create an individualized plan to address academic and non-academic needs. Each one of those students will have the opportunity to complete their studies at Nipissing and will continue to be supported.” 

 The university said it would will continue to work with the Town of Bracebridge through the joint transition working group formed by the town and the university to repurpose the existing buildings.

Nipissing’s Muskoka campus was established in 1996.  The campus relocated to its current location, a 26,000-square foot, $6.6 million facility in Jubilee Park, in 2008.  A residence complex was completed in 2011.