GR# 0876 - Severance Packages for Certain Retirees that Violates the CA

Collective Agreement Referenced: 2008-2011

Article(s): 3, 14

Nature of Dispute: In May, 2009, WUFA filed an application with the Ontario Labour Relations Board alleging unfair labour practices on the part of the University. Specifically, WUFA alleged that the University had negotiated voluntary contract termination retirement packages with a number of members without involving WUFA and in violation of the Collective Agreement. Furthermore, these packages were being negotiated while the parties were engaged in collective bargaining. In September, 2011, the OLRB indicated that the matter should be heard by an arbitrator.

Result of Grievance: The parties reached a settlement during the arbitration process. The University shall cease and desist from entering into voluntary contract termination agreements with any member who has reached the age of 65. The University also paid WUFA the sum of $60,000 for damages.

Grievance/OLRB initiated: May 30, 2011
Grievance resolved: November 25, 2013

Relevant Docs:        
(1) Decision of OLRB, directing the parties to proceed to Arbitration
(2) Minutes of Settlement GR# 0876