GR# 0900 - EI Premium Reduction Program

Collective Agreement referenced: 2017 - 2021

Article(s): Letter VIII

Nature of Dispute:  In 2010, WUFA initiated a grievance alleging that the employer had improperly participated in the federal government's premium reduction program. Under the program, when an employer has relatively stable employment and few of its employees are likely to collect employment insurance, EI premiums are reimbursed to the employer, who then has an obligation to negotiate with the union so that reimbursed premiums are used for benefits of those employees. WUFA believed that the employer participated in the program since the late 1970s, and at no time was WUFA informed of their participation.

Result of Grievance: On January 30, 2019 a settlement was reached between WUFA and the University in mediation. The University shall pay the sum of $750,000.00 into the Letter VIII - Subsidiary Plan for Retired Members. 

Grievance initiated: This matter began as court case in 2010, then later a grievance was filed on September 13, 2016
Grievance resolved: January 30, 2019

Reference Docs:
(1) Policy GR# 0900
(2) Minutes of Settlement