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Decision-making authority for WUFA policy and action rests with the members. All major issues – expenditures, bargaining proposals, ratification of collective agreements, strike action, and changes in union dues -- are debated and voted on by the membership at large. The Association holds two General Membership Meetings a year (October and April), and will call Special Membership Meetings as needed. WUFA Council is authorized to act on behalf of the membership between meetings. All faculty, librarians, and AAS staff are encouraged to join the Association and participate in its activities.

Faculty Council                

Faculty Council is composed of faculty, librarians, AAS, and sessional members elected annually by their colleagues in proportion to the size of the constituency they represent. Council meets monthly to discuss matters affecting the Association, develop new policies, review reports, create and elect committees, and act on behalf of the Association between general membership meetings.  Members of the Executive are automatically members of Faculty Council. Councillors are responsible for informing their colleagues about WUFA business and bringing members’ concerns to the attention of the Association.

Meeting Date                                   Time                  Location

Tuesday, December 10, 2019        1:00 p.m.    Toldo Rm. 203 (Senate Chambers)

Monday, January 27, 2020             2:30 p.m.   Toldo Rm. 203 (Senate Chambers)

Wednesday, February 26, 2020   10:00 a.m.   Toldo Rm. 203 (Senate Chambers)  

Monday, March 23, 2020                2:00 p.m.   Toldo Rm. 203 (Senate Chambers)

Monday, April 20, 2020                   1:00 p.m    Toldo Rm. 203 (Senate Chambers)

Friday, May 15, 2020                    10:30 a.m.    Toldo Rm. 203 (Senate Chambers)

Wednesday, June 24, 2020           1:00 p.m.    Toldo Rm. 203 (Senate Chambers)


Faculty Council July 1, 2019 – 2020, 2021

Arnold,Robert*June 30/21 Sociology, Anthro. & Criminology 3980
Atkin,NatalieJune 30/20 FAHSS/History3256
Bayley,Jonathan#Oct. 2021 Associate
Boulos,Pierre*June 30/20 CTL3767
Buchanan,Lori*June 30/20 Psychology2246
Cappucci,JohnJune 30/20 Languages, Literatures & Cultures3576
Clayton, GrahamJune 30/20 Economics2378
Eichhorn,Holger*June 30/21 Chemistry & Biochemistry3990
Essex,JameyJune 30/21 Political Science2358
Fredette,Christopher*June 30/21 Odette School of Business3072
Furneaux,BrentJune 30/20 Odette School of Business3045
HectorNicholasJune 30/21 Creative Arts4296
Hussein,AbdulkadirJune 30/20 Mathematics & Statistics3033
James, MerisJune 30/20 Library 2974
Kianieff,MuharemJune 30/20 Law2957
Lauzon, Roger#Oct. 2019 Associate Member (alternate)
Lanoszka,Anna*June 30/20 Political Science2355
Letteri, Mark*June 30/20
Lucier, Brandi*June 30/20 Women's & Gender Studies2357
MasonGeorgeJune 30/20 Sociology, Anthro. & Criminology
McNevin,NancyJune 30/20 Kinesiology 4276
Miljan,Lydia*June 30/20 Political Science2361
Noonan,Jeff*June 30/20 Philosophy2396
Polat,AliJune 30/20 Earth & Environmental Sciences2498
RennieGarthJune 30/20 Com/Media/Film3284
RuparathnaRajeevJune 30/21 Civil & Environmental Engineering5433
Saad AhmedSherifJune 30/21 School of Computer Science3793
SabourinBrandonJune 30/20 Education4068
Selmi, PatrickJune 30/20 Social Work3080
Seth, RajeshJune 30/20 Environmental Engineering2553
Soni-Sinha,UrvashiJune 30/20 Soc, Anthro. & Crim/Women's & Gender Studies  2198
Sutherland,ChadJune 30/21 Kinesiology 4050
TabriziSirousJune 30/20
TamEdwinJune 30/21 Civil & Environmental Engineering2565
Teasdale,GuillaumeJune 30/21 History2327
Watson,JosieJune 30/20
Zimmerman,Peter*June 30/20 Library 3178
(* indicates Executive Member July 1/2018 - June 30/2020) 
(# indicates WURA representative to October 2019 [alternate Roger Lauzon]) 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is an elected committee of Chief Officers of the Association who act on behalf of WUFA, subject to the direction of the WUFA Faculty Council and the general membership.  The main function of the Executive is to implement the general policies of the Association and act as daily liaison between the Association and other persons/organizations as required.   The Executive Committee is directed by the Council, and governed by the Constitution and Bylaws.

Executive Committee 2018-2020

Peter Zimmerman, WUFA PresidentLibraryExt: 4902
Anna Lanoszka, VP GrievancePolitical ScienceExt: 2355
Lori Buchanan, VP InternalPsychology Ext: 2246
Chris Fredette, VP ExternalOdette School of BusinessExt: 3072
Brandi Lucier, VP SWDEAWomen's & Gender StudiesExt: 2357
Robert Arnold, Sec./TreasurerSociology, Anthropology & CriminologyExt: 3980
Pierre Boulos, Contract ChairCTLExt: 3767
S. Holger Eichhorn, Director at LargeChemistry & BiochemistryExt: 3990
Lydia Miljan, Director at LargePolitical ScienceExt: 2361
Jeff Noonan, Director at Large (Past President)PhilosophyExt: 2396
Mark Letteri, Sessional DirectorPhilosophyExt: 2338
Veronika Mogyorody, Associate Member(WURA)


Constitution and Bylaws

The activities of the Faculty Association are governed by its Constitution and Bylaws. The Constitution sets out the aims of the Association; forms of membership; purpose, responsibilities, and composition of committees; meeting schedules; and the process for determining membership dues. The Bylaws elaborate these themes, and describe the procedure for ratification of collective agreements and taking and ending strike action.  Amendments may be proposed by members at any time. They are discussed at membership meetings, then, ratified by the membership at large by mail ballot. Changes to the Constitution require a two-thirds majority; changes to the Bylaws require a simple majority of ballots cast.

Policies, Practices and Procedures

WUFA’s Policies, Practices and Procedures handbook codifies how the Association implements the Constitution and Bylaws.

Rules of Order

WUFA meetings follow the Association's Rules of Order handbook and are supplemented Bourinot's Rules of Order, to foster full and free discussion at General Membership Meetings and meetings of Council, Executive and Committees.

Harassment and Violence Policies for WUFA Employees

WUFA is committed to the prevention of harassment and violence in the workplace and will take whatever steps are reasonable to protect its employees. WUFA and its employees are expected to uphold the WUFA Harassment Prevention Policy and the WUFA Violence Prevention Policy.